Inter-IISER Chemistry Meet (IICM – 2017)
20th – 22nd Jan., 2017

Venue: Auditorium, Visitor’s Hostel, IISER Bhopal
Program Schedule of Poster Presentation

January 20, 2017 (Friday)
SESSION 1 (01:00 PM–03:00 PM)
PP 01 Mr. Haribabu Chennamsetti, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘An Unprecedented [4+2] Benzannulati on of Oxindoles With Enalcarbenoids’
PP 02 Mr. Ashok Yadav, IISER Pune
Title: ‘Guest templated synthesis of tetrahedral [Pd12L6] cages and their selective encapsulation of o-xylene and mesitylene over other analogues’
PP 03 Ms. Narayani Ghosh, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Direct Insight into the Nonclassical Hydrophobic Effect in Bile Salt:-Cyclodextrin Interaction: Role of Hydrophobicity in Governing the Prototropism of a Biological Photosensitizer’
PP 04 Dr. Bidyut K. Dinda, IISER Berhampur
Title: ‘Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of  -Aryloxy-  -Ketoesters: Expeditious Approach to the Biologically Active Lignins Sharing Vicinal Stereocenters’
PP 05 Mr. Pradip Kumar Mondal, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Quantitative investigation of the stru ctural, thermal and mechanical properties in polymorphs of a fluorinated amide’
PP 06 Mr. Ajit Kumar Kharwar, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Palladium Nanoparticles Embedded Am ine Functionalized MOF: A Highly Active Heterogeneous Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyura Coupling Reactions’
PP 07 Mr. Nithiyanandan Krishnan, IISER Thiruvananthapuram
Title: ‘Self-assembly of DNA-Dendron (Tet raphenylethylene) Hybrid Amphiphiles into DNA Decorated 2D-Nanosheets: A Template for Catalysis’
PP 08 Dr. Ruchika Mishra, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘PBI-Porphyrin Dyads: Synthesis, Structure, and Photophysical Properties’
PP 09 Ms. Aparna Banerjee, IISER Pune
Title: ‘Rigid Metal Organic Framework Capable of Showing Guest Induced Phase Transition’
PP 10 Dr. Sudipta Ghosh, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Bacterial Protein Transport Machinery: An Emerging Therapeutic Target for Small Molecule Inhibitors’
PP 11 Mr. Arun Suneja, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Enantioselective Hydrophosphonylation of in situ Generated N -Acyl Ketimines Catalyzed by BINOL-Derived Phosphoric Acid’
PP 12 Mr. Datta Markad, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Novel Bifunctional Metal Organic Coordination Networks for Catalysis’
PP 13 Moh. Sattar, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Transition Metal Catalysed C-H Functi onalization of Ferrocene Carboxamide using 8- Aminoquinoline as a Removable Directing Group’
PP 14 Ms. Riki Das, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Palladium-catalyzed, ortho -selective C-H Halogenation of benzyl nitriles, aryl Weinreb amides and anilides’
PP 15 Mr. Siddheswar K. Bankar, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Novel Transformations Leading to the Synthesis of O , S -Containing Heterocycles’
PP 16 Mr. Adiki Raja Sekhar, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Zwitterionic BODIPYs with Larger Stok e Shift: Small Molecular Biomarkers for Live Cells’
PP 17 Mr. Prabu M., IISER Thiruvananthapuram
Title: ‘Discriminative Detection of Aliphatic Amines using Electron Deficient Five-fold Interpenetrated Coordination Polymer’
PP 18 Mr. S. R. Adusumalli, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Site-Selective Histidine Modification of Native Proteins’
PP 19 Dr. Rajshekhar A. Unhale, IISER Berhampur
Title: ‘Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalyzed Enantioselective Addition of Thiols to in Situ Generated Ketimines: Synthesis of N , S -Ketals’
PP 20 Mr. Suraj K. Gupta, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Electronically Tuned RuII-NHC-Ba sed Hydrocarbon Oxidation Precatalysts’
PP 21 Mr. Sanjay Maity, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Strategies to Suppre ss the Rapid Intramolecular oxa -Michael Addition for the Enantioselective Synthesis of oxa -Cycles’
PP 22 Ms. Neeru Mittal, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Pd nanowires as an excellent catalyst for reduction of 4-NP to 4-AP’
PP 23 Mr. Dilip K. Paluru, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Silver Catalyzed Domino Addition: A One-Pot Approach to Indolizine Derivatives Through Intermolecular Double 5- endo - dig Cyclization Between o -Alkynyl Amines and Pyridine Derivatives’
PP 24 Mr. Sujoy Bandopadhyay, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Fabrication and Applications of No vel Multifunctional Porous Organic Polymers’
PP 25 Ms. Ardra M. S., IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Fluorogenic Probe for Remo val of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress’
PP 26 Ms. Sandhya Singh, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes for Sensing of Nitroaromatic Explosives’
PP 27 Dr. Vijay Kumar Ravi, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Temperature Mediated Aggregation of Reduced Lysozyme at Physiological pH and its Luminescence Feature’
PP 28 Dr. Kaustabh Kaluskar, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Emergence of Ferromagnet ism at the Interface of LaAlO 3 |CaMnO 3 : Non Magnetic Band and Mott Insulator’
PP 29 Ms. Shaina Dhamija & Monika Dahiya, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Ultrafast Energy Transfer Dynamic s within Quantum Dots: From Ensemble Measurements to Single Particle Probing’
PP 30 Mr. Mrinal Kanti Das, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Asymmetric Total Syntheses of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids via a DYKAT Following a Key Pd(0)-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Allylation’
January 21, 2017 (Saturday)
SESSION 2 (01:00 PM–03:00 PM)
PP 31 Mr. K. Naresh Babu, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Cu(II)-PHOX-Catalyzed Highly Enantiose lective Malonate Addition onto 3-Hydroxy- 2-oxindoles: Formal Total Syntheses of Dimeric Pyrroloindoline Alkaloids’
PP 32 Mr. Vijay Gupta, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Linker Induced Structural Di versity of Coordination Architectures’
PP 33 Ms. Pragyan Pallavi, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Efficient White Light Emission in So lution, Nanoparticles, Gel and Thin Film Employing Porous Organic Polymer’
PP 34 Ms. Kanupriya Verma, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Borazine and its Rich Spectrum of π -Complexes: A Matrix Isolation Infrared and Ab Initio Study’
PP 35 Mr. Chanderpratap Singh, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Solid State Proton Conduction thro ugh Oxygen Functionalized Few-Layer Graphene’
PP 36 Mr. Sriram Mahesh, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘5- endo - dig Cyclization of Pyridine De rivatives via Cu-Catalyzed Hydrophosphonylation: An Expeditiou s Access to Indolizine Derivatives’
PP 37 Mr. Falguni Chandra, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Tailoring Emission Properties Usin g Macrocyclic Nanocavities for Drug Delivery Applications’
PP 38 Ms. Sudha Devi, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Synthesis, Photoswitching and Comp utational Studies of Multiple Azobenzene Connected Photochromic System’
PP 39 Mr. Arunkumar M., IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Towards Benchmarking Electrode Preparation For Supercapacitor Application’
PP 40 Ms. Sorout Shalini, IISER Pune
Title: ‘Enhancement of Proton Conductivity of Metal Organic Frameworks by Post-Synthetic Modification’
PP 41 Mr. Nirmal K. Das, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Chemosensing Probed at Single Molecu le Resolution by Micelles Entrapped Cresyl Violet’
PP 42 Ms. Jyoti Saini, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Propargyl Alcohol and its Rich Hydr ogen Bonded Chemistry: Matrix Isolation Infrared and Ab initio Studies’
PP 43 Mr. Gangaram Srikanth Kumar, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Ruthenium-II catalyzed C-H Activation of Anilines by Traceless Directing Group: A Facile Access to Quinolines by Employin g Allylic Alcohols as Coupling Partner’
PP 44 Mr. Sadhan Jana, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Copper-Catalyzed Oxytri fluoromethylation of Alkenes’
PP 45 Mr. Ajit K. Yadav, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Electronic Structure of Five Member ed Heterocyclic Radicals – A Computational Study’
PP 46 Mr. Rohit Bhowal, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Experimental and Computational Insights into Energy Contributions of Intermolecular Interactions in Fluo rine & Trifluoromethyl Substituted N - Phenylisobutyramides’
PP 47 Mr. Hare Ram Yadav, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Controlling the Crystal Packing Feature by Weak C-H---F Bond(s) in the Absence of Strong Hydrogen Bond’
PP 48 Mr. Biju Basumatary, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Meso/  -Conjugated Corrole BODIPY Hybrids: Sy nthesis, Structures and Investigation of Photophysical Properties’
PP 49 Mr. Vikram Singh Bhati, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Investigations on Synthesis, Stability an d Fluorescence Properties of Biocompatible - SH Capped Ag-Clusters’
PP 50 Mr. Champak Dutta, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Switchable C–H Activation /Functionalization with Rh(III)–  NHC Platform’
PP 51 Mr. Landa Purushottam, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Chemoselective and Site-Selective Pept ide and Native Protein Modification Enabled by Aldehyde Auto-Oxidation and Multi-Component Approach’
PP 52 Mr. Ravi Ranjan, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘ Cis - Trans Isomers in o -Nitrophenol’
PP 53 Mr. Bijoy Dey, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Cation Mediated Cooperative Spin Crossover Behavior in Fe(III)-Complex’
PP 54 Mr. Amarchand Parida, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Unified Approach to the Icet axane and nor-Icetaxane Diterpenoids via a Key Formylation-Aldol-Condensation Cascade’
PP 55 Mr. Sumit Agrawal, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Hydrogen Bonded Complexes of N -Heterocyclic Carbene with Water’
PP 56 Mr. Arnab Biswas, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Construction of Enantioenriched Chromans via Tandem Michael/Michael Strategy with Bifunctional Organocatalyst’
PP 57 Mr. Bapurao Lad, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Enalcarbenoids: A New Catalytic Ac tivation Mode for Heterocycle Synthesis’
PP 58 Mr. Bhupendra Goswami, IISER Mohali
Title: ‘Cyclic (Alkyl) (Amino) Carbenes (CAAC s) Mercury(II) Adducts and Their Role as Catalysts in Intermolecular Hydroamination Reactions’
PP 59 Ms. Tulsi Upadhay, IISER Bhopal
Title: ‘Structure Based Design of In hibitors for Bacterial Hsp70 System’
PP 60 Mr. Shyamal K. Bera & Dr. Bidyu t K. Dinda, IISER Berhampur
Title: ‘Lewis Acid Catalyzed Cascade Involving 5- exo-dig Cyclization: Modular Approach to Bioactive Neo-Lignan and Dimeric Resveratrol Scaffolds’